Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Rounford Halt N Gauge Scenic Micro Layout with Continuous Run Part 6 Elevated Scenery with Imitation Rock Formations

Crescent shaped elevated N gauge model railway layout scenery
A crescent shaped hill was constructed along the inside of the branch line on the left of the site for the station platform.
Aerial view of the raised model landscape within the circular branch line
Almost half of the branch line circuit is obscured when the layout is viewed from the front at track level which helps to disguise the circular nature of the track plan.  The rear siding and much of the curved track at the rear is hidden from view.  Equally, when viewed close to track level from other vantage points different parts of the layout are hidden.  It is often annoying to see the same scenic features in photographs or video footage of model trains.  Screening off areas of the layout ensures that parts of the miniature landscape are not visible in all of the images.
Model rock face next to the branch line with sloping scenery behind
Creating an elevated landscape within a small area can sometimes be quite difficult.  A hill with sloping contours on all sides can end up very shallow, but sloping sides which are too steep can make such a feature appear unconvincing.

Modelling one side of a hill as a rock face can enable the landscape to be elevated further within a limited amount of space.  A rock face can be very steep or almost vertical and can be built very close to a railway line.  When building some railway lines engineers often blasted a path through rocky terrain using explosives to enable a more direct route to a destination.

Model scenery created using this method requires only one sloping side and can therefore often be used to gain enough height to allow trains to be hidden by areas of the landscape.
Textured and weathered imitation rock face viewed close to track level
Imitation rocks can be textured and painted to replicate any type of formation making miniature countryside scenery much more interesting.  The model rocks on Rounford Halt have been textured and painted to resemble old, weathered sandstone.
Irregular skyline created along the top of the raised N gauge model scenery
I took care to create irregular contours along the top of the elevated scenery.  Elevated scenery modelled with a smooth outline can look very dull and boring but creating a few contours can break up the skyline to create a much more interesting appearance.

Trees and bushes added along the top of the elevated landscape during the final stages of construction could also add extra height and help to create a more realistic skyline.

Rounford Halt is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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