Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Rounford Halt N Gauge Scenic Micro Layout with Continuous Run Part 10 Road Constructed

Aerial view of Rounford Halt N gauge micro layout with road added
After building the curved N gauge level crossing, detailed in my blog post dated 21 January 2015, I created a road running from the edge of the micro layout to the rear of the station platform.
Curved road added from the rear of the layout to the station platform
Many country roads meander through the countryside in an erratic manner.  To create a realistic appearance I designed a curved road with only one straight length over the level crossing.
Road modelled at slightly different levels alongside the elevated scenery
Model road meandering towards Rounford Halt station platform
Country roads also tend to have lots of subtle gradients following the rise and fall of the landscape.  Though there is only a short length of road on this model railway layout I made an effort to construct it at slightly different levels where possible.  The rise and fall of the road is evident when it is viewed close to ground level.

The road was textured with fine sand before being painted with grey acrylic paint.  Strictly speaking the scale of the texture is a little too rough but I really dislike the appearance of very smooth roads with just a painted surface.
Road and hardstanding behind the N gauge curved station platform
I created a wide area of hardstanding directly behind Rounford station platform where buses or other road vehicles can turn around and wait for passengers or goods.
Imitation sandstone rock formations built into the model railway scenery
Whilst building the road I also made some additional model scenery on the right of the station platform.  I added some rock formations which were textured, painted and weathered to match the imitation sandstone built into the elevated scenery detailed in my blog post dated 24 December 2014.
Rear corner of the railway layout with model scenery added around the level crossing
The road sloped down to join the N gauge curved level crossing.  I built additional model scenery around the level crossing to blend the feature into the model landscape whilst also finishing off the last corner of the micro layout.
View along the road from the level crossing to the railway station
Rounford Halt micro layout with space left to build a water feature
Curving the road to follow the scenery at the base of the model hill ensured that a reasonable amount of space was left on the inside of the branch line for a water feature.

Rounford Halt is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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