Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Rounford Halt N Gauge Scenic Micro Layout with Continuous Run Part 12 Developing the Scenery

Aerial view of Rounford Halt N gauge scenic micro layout
The addition of crushed foam weeds over the grassy areas of model scenery on Rounford Halt helped to create a sense of depth and the irregular, uneven nature of the real landscape.  When walking through the countryside it is often hard to tell if vegetation will be ankle or waist height until you are actually amongst the brambles, nettles and grasses.
Rounford Halt N gauge branch line railway station and goods yard
Curved station platform with the scratch built shelter removed
The curved station platform featured in my blog post dated 07 January 2015 has been improved by the addition of Ratio kit 245 spear fencing.

The scratch built small wooden station building originally built for Hampford Halt, construction featured in my blog post dated 02 May 2014, was placed on the platform and the railings fixed in position around it.  When the adhesive used to secure the fencing had set, crushed foam weeds were added along the bottom.
Station platform with a gap in the Ratio spear fencing for the removable shelter
Ratio N gauge spear fencing along the rear of the curved station platform
Ratio spear fencing with imitation enamel advertising sign added
A small number of imitation enamel advertising signs added to the platform railings made the scene more interesting to look at and provided some extra colour.
Peco NB-45 flexible fencing along the road to Rounford Halt railway station
Peco NB-45 flexible fencing was added along the roadside with plenty of crushed foam weeds fixed along the bottom.  Verges next to the road were left as though the grass had been cut short.
Scratch built N gauge model pillbox overlooking the station and pond
The scratch built N gauge model pillbox added to Hampford Halt was also used as a feature on Rounford Halt.  Having a selection of removable model railway accessories which can be placed on different layouts is very handy!  Details on how I build an N or OO gauge pillbox can be found on my blog posts dated 08 March 2014 and 13 March 2014.

The pillbox was positioned below the top of the hill so that it did not stand out against the skyline, but high enough to provide a commanding view over the surrounding landscape.
Scratch built N gauge wartime pillbox reflected in the model pond
The raised position of the pillbox also enabled it to be observed reflected in the model pond.  I described the process I use when building a model pond in my blog post dated 18 February 2015.
N gauge first radius curved level crossing with gates added
With the crushed foam glued onto the grassy areas I was able to fix the delicate level crossing gates in position.  I had placed the crossing gates to one side for a while to avoid the risk of breaking them whilst brushing off excess crushed foam foliage.

I described how I went about constructing the first radius curved level crossing in my blog post dated 21 January 2015.
Close up of the imitation rock face at the rear of the railway layout
Elevated rocky scenery viewed from the rear of the model railway layout
The model rock face featured in my blog post dated 24 December 2014 was greatly improved once the crushed foam weeds were added.  Weeds will grow in any corner or gap in the rocks even if there is only a tiny amount of soil present in which to anchor their roots.
Aerial view of the loading platform with fencing and weeds added
N gauge concrete loading platform in the corner of the micro layout
Peco NB-45 flexible fencing was also added to the rear of the loading platform featured in my blog post dated 31 December 2014.

Rounford Halt is one of my N gauge scenic model railway layouts. To see more model railway layout baseboards I have designed and built visit my website

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